Nutritional Therapy FAQ's

How many Nutritional coaching appointments will I need?

Nutritional coaching is totally individual, therefore everyone presents with a new set of symptoms driven by different possible causes. Due to the nature of Nutritional coaching you will need at least an Initial consultation and one follow up. Some people have relatively simple cases which may only require 2-3 visits, whilst more complex issues may require 5-6 visits to fully address the problem.

Is it a problem if I am currently taking medication?

Ben is trained in basic pharamacology and nutrient interactions and will therefore ask you before your first appointment for a full list of medications so he is able to research any possible interactions. Some medications will contraindicate the use of supplementation and some foods however Ben is able to work around this and provide you with the tools to progress.

How could functional testing help me?

At Cooper Coaching we like to assess and not guess. However this can become difficult when trying to look at what is happening chemically in the body. This is where functional tests come in. For example a Fully Comprehensive Stool Analysis will be able to tell us whether you have any pathogenic bacteria, yeast/fungus and parasites present, what beneficial bacteria are present or not, how well you digest and assimilate your food, what inflammatory markers are present and immune system function markers such as secretory IgA (sIga). All of this information means Ben can make an informed recommendation of what your next steps should be and how to help you feel better. Please note that tests do incur an additional charge.

Will I need to take supplements?

Not necessarily. Food is the most important factor in our everyday wellbeing and therefore will be the priority in Nutritional coaching. That being said, many people have nutrient deficiencies and using supplements may help speed up their recovery. Supplement use is by no means mandatory and if you choose to use them, they do not need to be taken forever, only until your symptoms begin to subside.

Movement FAQ's 

Why choose a C.H.E.K Practitioner?

Many people are unaware that you are able to obtain a personal training qualification online. This means that the trainer may not have any formal training in health and exercise science or any hands on experience working with clients. C.H.E.K practitioners have to pass 5 pre-requisite classes before they are allowed to attend a full course. C.H.E.K practitioners are then educated in orthopaedic assessment techniques, primal pattern movement screenings, as well as infant development exercises and program design. World renowned therapist and owner of the C.H.E.K Institute, Paul Chek, has used his 35 years of knowledge to develop his training program and become the leaders in advanced training education.

What does a Discovery Session include?

A Discovery Session gives you a chance to experience how we work at Cooper Coaching. It also gives Ben an opportunity to assess what you may need to do to reach your goal and if he thinks he can help you to get there. During the 45 min session you will be able to ask Ben all the questions you like and Ben will explain what he thinks the roadblocks could be to ensure you feel confident about starting a full package with Cooper Coaching.

Why do I need an Assessment?

At Cooper Coaching we prefere to assess and not to guess. Everybody is different and infinitely complex in their own way, therefore a thorough assessment is needed to establish how you should move to get the best results and prevent injury.

Does it matter if I am currently injured?

No. During your assessment Ben will be able to see how your body is moving and where your range of movement is limited. Ben has been trained to work around this and apply soft tissue release where appropriate. C.H.E.K Practitioners are trained in holistic rehabilitation so you will be in safe hands and could quickly be injury free.

What happens at the end of my package?

This is totally up to you. You can continue as you have been or you can sign up for our MOT program where you will see Ben on a once-monthly basis for an assessment. After which Ben will write you a bespoke program for you to follow at home or in the gym. This will be reveiwed every month to ensure you are progressing and not slipping back into bad habits.